Management Reports

Management Reports

TermSync’s Management Reports help you set goals, stay accountable, measure results, and benchmark against other similar companies. Using the reports results in faster payments from customers, reduced time and effort spent on collections, and improved customer relations.

Monthly KPI Report

If there is one part of TermSync to focus on, it is the Monthly Key Performance Indicators Report. It offers you an overview of your team’s monthly performance compared to your average performance over the past six months. This report is meant to provide you with informative workflow analytics that highlight your team’s progress as well as clearly display areas that need improvement.

The six key performance indicators are all measured on a percentage scale with 100% being the goal. It is an easy but effective way to ensure your team is staying accountable and you are on track to achieve your desired results.

Create Your Own Customized Reports

TermSync’s filtering and customized report tools allow you to create virtually any report you can dream up. Simply select the criteria you are looking for and the results are shown immediately. You can then save reports for future use, share with your other TermSync users, and export/email to others on your team.

Contact a TermSync representative for more details and examples.