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5 Reasons Why Sales Teams Love TermSync

Traditionally, sales teams are not considered part of the AR process, but today we know that not to be true. Whenever a customer is effected so is the sales team, as part of their job is to maintain customer loyalty so that those customers continue working with them in the future. But when AR processes become bogged down by inefficiencies, it is incredibly challenging for them to do that.

Why Your Customers Love TermSync

Customers — the foundation of every business. They decide whether your company is successful … or not. So, what entices customers the most when choosing an organization to invest in? Not surprisingly, it’s how easy it is for them to do business with said company. Because let’s be honest, I don’t want to spend an…

Customer Spotlight: SoTel Systems

To kick-off the new year, TermSync would like to recognize the team at SoTel Systems. SoTel Systems, LLC is the premier wholesale supplier for business communications products and services. They offer traditional refurbished and unused voice and data equipment, authorized distribution of VOIP equipment, and commercial SIP Services for both inbound and outbound traffic. With over…