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3.19.2014, The Economist Group: It’s (not) a pleasure doing business with you

3.11.2014, Industrial Supply Magazine: March/April Issue (Print)

3.6.2014, Industrial Distribution: Invoice Receipt Tracking

3.5.2014, Manufacturing Business Technology: Invoice Receipt Tracking To Get Paid Faster And Improve Customer Relations

3.4.2014, Sales & Service Excellence, pg. 20: Show Customers You Care

2.28.2014, Strategy Magazine: How to Capture the Attention of the Millennial Generation

2.27.2014, Most Businesses Lack What Most Customers Want and They Don’t Even Know It

2.14.2014, Beverage Industry Magazine: Beverage industry equipment helps ensure safe, efficient production

2.12.2014, Food Engineering Magazine: Make it easy to do business with your company, and track the proof

1.16.2014, Information Week: When Analytics Meets Receivables

1.14.2014, Industry Today: What Most Distributors Lack That Most of their Customers Want

1.13.2014, SmallBiz Technology: Four Simple Steps for Better Customer Communication After the Sale

1.9.2014, Modern Distribution Management: Survey: Distributors Fall Behind on Meeting Customer Technology Wishes

1.7.2014, Convenience Store News: The Why Behind Using a Centralized Vendor Portal

12.20.2013, Food Manufacturing: 4 Reasons B2B Companies Need to Start Tracking Customer Response Time

12.18.2013, Q&A: Distribution customer service benefits from self-service, survey says

12.10.2013, Industrial Distribution: Distributors Claim They’re Easy To Do Business With, But Lack Tools To Prove It

11.20.2013, Industrial Distribution: Five Quick Questions: Create More Lines Of Communication Post-Sale

11.13.2013, Restaurant Facility Business Magazine, October/November Issue (Print)

11.4.2013, Six tips for improving channel customer communications

10.29.2013, Industry Today: How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Sell More to Millennial-Run Businesses

10.25.2013, CRM Magazine, The Mystery of the Millennial: Entitled or Enlightened?

10.15.2013, Beverage World, TermSync Adds to Sales Software

10.14.2013, Today’s Grocer, Paying Your Vendors Just Got Easier

10.9.2013,, TermSync Adds CARE Package to Invoicing and Collection App

9.1.2013, MoldMaking Technology Magazine, How To Improve Customer Relations

8.21.2013, Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine, Payment With A Smile

8.21.2013, FSR Magazine, Why Restaurant Owners Aren’t Using Online Payment Portals

8.5.2013, Construction Executive Magazine, Build Business Value with Accounts Receivable Processes

7.30.2013,, Why Firms Don’t Pay Their Invoices

7.23.2013, QSR, Key Change Will Boost Use of Vendor Portals

7.9.2013, TrustCommerce, TrustCommerce Solutions Power Wind River Financial and TermSync Partnership

7.9.2013, Construction Today, Beyond DSO: Intelligent Receivables Management Can Improve Customer Relationships

7.1.2013, Financial Executive Magazine, July/August 2013 Edition (Print & Web), Beyond DSO: Intelligent Receivables Management Can Improve Customer Relationships
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6.26.2013, Supply Chain World Magazine, Summer 2013 Edition (Print & Web), Step it Up: How supply chain companies can improve customer relationships with better accounts recievable processes

5.29.2013, InBusiness, Term of endearment: Networking, the TermSync way

5.7.2013, Bryon Thompson on Business Credit Radio discussing “Going Beyond DSO with TermSync.” Click Here to listen to the recording.

4.29.2013, Industrial Distribution, Beyond DSO: How Distributors Can Improve Customer Relations With Intelligent Accounts Receivable Management

4.21.2013, Wisconsin State Journal, Executive Q&A: Mark Wilson helps businesses better track account receivables

4.16.2013, Accounting Today, TermSync Launches Cloud Accounts Receivable Scorecard

4.05.2013, CRM Magazine, Intelligent Receivables Management Can Improve Customer Relationships

3.28.2013, CFO Insight, Mark Wilson, TermSync: “Too Many CFOs Just Look At DSO”

2.26.2013, InBusiness, 40 Under 40: The 2013 Class


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