B2B Communications Platform

About Us

TermSync helps B2B companies bring a customer-centric approach to the post-sale relationship.  Our cloud-based platform connects over 500,000 businesses, streamlining processes for both vendors and their business customers.  This approach results in improved customer relations, reduced processing costs, and faster payments.

We Pride Ourselves on Working with Customer-Centric Companies

In today’s competitive B2B marketplaces, there is nothing more important than the customer relationship.  You want customers to continue to purchase from you and also promote you to their peers.  All of the TermSync product solutions are designed not only to benefit you, but more importantly, benefit your customers.  We only work with companies who understand that this customer-centric approach creates far better results for their business both in the short and long term.

Give Your Team the Tools They Need to Properly Do Their Job

Look around your organization, virtually all areas use technology, specifically software, to create efficiencies.  Unfortunately, customer interactions that occur after the sale (accounts receivable and customer support) are not as organized and as efficient as pre-sale interactions (marketing and sales).  Companies spend large amounts of time and money on solutions for sales and marketing, which is great, but often ask the post-sale team to manage customer relationships with stick notes, cobbled together spreadsheets, and calendar reminders.

We provide easy-to-use tools that allow team members to streamline their processes and spend their valuable time on thought provoking tasks rather than busy work.